Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lovesick on Flirt FM (Castlepaulooza All-Irish)

I've gone all out for this episode, because Flirt FM 101.3 is on hols until the 30th of August from this Saturday... It's got Castlepalooza acts, Dublin Podcast Festival & Metropolis Festival 2017 news, an MS Paint masterpiece, and it's all Irish music too. I even take 30 seconds to freak out about LCD Soundsystem tickets :')

Search Party Animal - Enemies   [IR]
Ganglions - Fallow
Beauty Sleep - All In   [IR]
Liza Flume - What we Called Love
Rosa Nutty - Sea Salt   [IR]
Hvmmingbird - If Love Was Enough   [IR]
Elaine Mai - Colour of the NIght   [IR]
Wastefellow - Wonder   [IR]
Floor Staff - Saviour   [IR]
Aik J - Suite Life   [IR]
Le Galaxie - Streetheart   [IR]
Le Boom - What we Do (Mix & Fairbanks Remix)   [IR]