Monday, January 11, 2021

Lovesick on Flirt FM (Best of 2020 Shows)

First off with a whopper year for Irish music releases, and *continued* class work from Irish female musicians ;)

Then, as Alan wasn't in for Grounded, I did a rare 2hr show. Waveforms at 11pm were helpfully doing their Irish best of 2020, so the station's Irish music ratio didn't dip!

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Online CV

Current Position: Station Manager - Flirt FM 101.3
Current Position: Part-time Lecturer - NUI Galway Youth Academy
Current Position: Coordinating Committee Member at Craol
Current Position: Cabinet Member - World College Radio Day
Current Position: Co-ordinator - Irish Student Radio Network
Current Position: Board Member - TULCA Festival of Visual Arts
Previously: Part-time Lecturer - NUI Galway MA in Journalism
Previously: Station Assistant at Flirt FM
Previously: Cashier at HMV Group
Previously: Volunteer at Flirt FM

Summary of other experience

• Complied successful application for Community Radio Licences 2006 & 2016
• Certified QQI trainer
• Trainer in Community Radio at CRAOL FĂ©ile & Campus Connections events
• Designed CRAOL QQI Trainers Handbook: Level 4 in Community Radio
• Editor of multiple documentaries, radio plays & features, including Sound & Vision projects
• Responsible for Flirt FM graphic design, including logo
• Responsible for Community Radio Ireland re-branding and graphic design

Scheduling, compliance, editing, training, licence application, graphic design, HR.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

My Last Ever Wedding Cake

Until the next one. Only for Michelle and Kelvin would I break my promise. My sister Clare made the cakes (lemon drizzle, chocolate biscuit and Victoria Sponge, if I remember correctly). I was a huge ball of stress making this, as I wanted it to look brilliant for them, and the fondant was prone to sweating, even with the windows open in a cold kitchen. Anyway, onwards and Up!wards.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Lovesick on Flirt FM (Best of 2017: Irish)

There was nearly 130 songs on the Lovesick longlist for Irish tracks of the year. You can check out 70 of them at the Spotify Playlist below. And here's 14 of the biggest earworms out of them, along with an interview and song from Aaron from Phantom Dog Beneath the Moon.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

My First Attempt at Macarons

Teal-tinted, but plain macaron flavour, with ganache. These turned out perfectly. The next time I made them was a disaster. Beginner's luck!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lovesick on Flirt FM (Castlepaulooza All-Irish)

I've gone all out for this episode, because Flirt FM 101.3 is on hols until the 30th of August from this Saturday... It's got Castlepalooza acts, Dublin Podcast Festival & Metropolis Festival 2017 news, an MS Paint masterpiece, and it's all Irish music too. I even take 30 seconds to freak out about LCD Soundsystem tickets :')

Search Party Animal - Enemies   [IR]
Ganglions - Fallow
Beauty Sleep - All In   [IR]
Liza Flume - What we Called Love
Rosa Nutty - Sea Salt   [IR]
Hvmmingbird - If Love Was Enough   [IR]
Elaine Mai - Colour of the NIght   [IR]
Wastefellow - Wonder   [IR]
Floor Staff - Saviour   [IR]
Aik J - Suite Life   [IR]
Le Galaxie - Streetheart   [IR]
Le Boom - What we Do (Mix & Fairbanks Remix)   [IR]